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Shop our awesome range of LED neon lights and cheap neon signs for sale and get a cool neon effect sign for your office, party, bedroom, home bar, pub, man cave or garage. Aesthetic, cool, cute, hipster, sexy – whatever you’re after we’ve either got it in our store or we can make it for you (see our Custom Neon Signs page).

Our range of stunning LED neon signs offer something for everybody and will light up any event. Artistic, aesthetic, cool, cute, hipster, formal, inspirational, sexy – whatever you’re after we’ve either got it in our store or we can make it for you (see our Custom Neon Signs page).

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About our LED Neon Lights for Sale

Our neon signs are all handmade using high quality LED flex cased in flex rubber tubing and mounted on a clear acrylic backboard in a range of colors and styles -everything from clear to black to our stylish new gold. We also have tabletop neon lamps, box neon night lights, aesthetic light up signs, neon sculptures, and floor standing neon light signs.

All of our LED flexible neon signs come with a US certified power adapter and a 3-6ft* clear cord that is plugged into the power adapter which has another 3-6ft* of clear cord. The long cord makes it easy to place or hang your new neon art anywhere you want.

LED neon sign Drunk in Love
Light up your life with Handmade Neon Signs

Our LED neon signs for sale have the option to ‘buy now’ or customize them with your favorite colors. You can even get a personalized custom neon sign light with your name writ large in colorful neon letters – perfect for weddings, birthday parties and kids bedroom decor.
They also weigh less and are much easier to transport and carry, making them ideal for events and party decoration, and perfect as wedding decor.

Lighted party sign Let's Party
Custom LED Neon Light Signs

In the Custom Neon shop you'll find LED neon sign lights, wall decor, bar lights, and aesthetic art that you can customize with your choice of color, text or initials.
We have a fantastic range of neon LED light lamps, word signs, and gorgeous wall art. Our range includes everything from simple heart neon signs to personalized neon bar signs, from child safe LED products for kids bedrooms to birthday party neon signs.

Faux neon wall decor Pucker Up & Curvy Heart
Neon Style Wall Signs and Decor Lights

Take your pick from our range of cool LED neon flex floor lamps, novelty neon signs, and neon word lights that look like real glass neon signs but won't break, get hot or cost the earth!
Our high quality neon flex LED lights and signs are perfect for use as neon art, decorative lights, wall decor, or just about anything you want. Can't decide what to get? We also offer gift cards.

*The exact length of the cord depends on the size of the sign. Please see the specific information on each sign’s page.

All of our neon LED signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and wall mounting. If you opt for the remote control you’ll also have an on/off switch and 10 brightness settings. The neon lights can be set to flash with adjustable speeds.

LED flex neon has low energy consumption rate, making them cheaper to power than real glass neons and vintage neon signs. They’re also long lasting with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours (typically 10 years, or approximately 5 years continuous use).

There are no toxic gases, no glass that can be broken, and the neon lights do not heat up so they are safe to touch.